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Organizational Theory

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Organizational Theory
Management has undergone fundamental changes in response to the changing dynamics of the workplace. Traditionally, managers had to contend with employees who went through routines to satisfy the demands of their tasks. However, changing demographics, globalization, the advent of technology and the Internet, and the changing nature of jobs required changes in approaches to management. This paper examines the changes in the management style of Robert, who began working at conception of Recycled Furnishings three decades ago. The company has since grown to become a division of Thor Enterprises, which is set to begin global operations. As a baby boomer, Robert has witnessed and practiced various management styles that may no longer be tenable for the modern organization. As he is set to retire, a new manager is expected to take charge of the organization. The main topics covered in the paper are the management style practiced by Robert when he first joined Recycled Furnishings, the various theorists that contributed to management Schools of Thought, and the demands of the 21st century manager. The paper shows that management is a changing process that requires managers to respond to the changing work environment and to deal with situations with discretion.
Part One
The school of thought that best describes Robert’s approach when he first joined Recycle Furnishings is the Operational or Management Process School. The proponents of this school concede that the core function of management is to get tasks done through people as individuals or as groups. The school views management as an applicable body of knowledge that is applicable at all levels within the organization. The school seeks to identify the main functions of the manager and to categorize them into the tenets of management practice. For instance, Robert had the ability to organize the various processes to enable his employees to perform their tasks sequentially.


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