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Crj 100 Week 5 Midterm Exam

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CRJ 100 Week 5 Midterm Exam

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• Question 1
4 out of 4 points

Which of the following is not a focus of community policing?

• Question 2
4 out of 4 points

UCR data suggests that the average police officer makes less than one felony arrest every ____ months.

• Question 3
4 out of 4 points

The statement “Aggressive policing increases community perception that police arrest many criminals and therefore most violators get caught” is an example of what?

• Question 4
4 out of 4 points

Regardless of the size of the policing organization this person has general administrative control and sets policy for all of the department’s operating branches

• Question 5
4 out of 4 points

In Martin Innes’ study of investigation techniques he found that police rely heavily on _________ that includes canvas of neighborhoods, interviews with friends/family and constructing victim/suspect timelines to solve a crime.

• Question 6
0 out of 4 points

What pattern does research reveal regarding officers' involvement in use-of-force incidents?

• Question 7
4 out of 4 points

Which policing style utilizes the least amount of discretion?

• Question 8
4 out of 4 points

An officer approaches a group of teenagers drinking beer, she checks everyone's ID and arrests all who are underage. This example best typifies which officer style?

• Question 9
4 out of 4 points

The blue curtain is a term used to describe:

• Question 10
4 out of 4 points

What U.S. Supreme Court decision set forth the "reasonable officer" standard for police use of deadly force?

• Question 11
4 out of 4 points

The National Crime Victimization Survey asks participants to report on the frequency and characteristics of all but which one of the following...


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