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"To Sir, with Love" Analysis

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E. R. Braithwaite was born in 1912 in British Guiana. Eustace Braithwaite is well-known as a novelist, writer, teacher, and diplomatist. E. R. Braithwaite's story, "To Sir, with love" is a story about a teacher who begins teaching at a reform school in London. The author bases the main plot of the story on his own life when he was a teacher in a rough section of London that is why the plot and characters are believable.
The text under analysis is entitled “To sir, with love” and the title serves as a means of cohesion to unite the components of a story to form a whole. Though the title disorientate the reader, because it contrasts with the story. We can also clearly see that the title conveying the author’s message is that, in spite of the color of your skin you can be a good specialist, but you have to find the way to children’s minds and souls properly.
This text is about the schoolteacher's experience. The author described himself. It is a 1st-person narration with descriptive passages. The advantage of that kind of narration is that the text is more emotional.
The text under analysis belongs to belles-lettres functional style. The substyle of the text is emotive prose, and it’s genre is epic.
The factual information of the text under analysis that it is difficult to be a good teacher who is regarded as informal leader of the class. The essence of the conflict is in the words: “It was as if I were trying to reach the children through a thick pane of glass, so remote and uninterested they seemed.”
The conceptual information consist in that teaching is a very long and difficult process. And it is up to the teacher to find the way to the pupils. The class behaves such way as it is allowed. There are no books, prescriptions or algorithm of actions how to behave with class. Because it needs an individual approach to each particular one. Something that can be appropriate to the one class can be inadmissible to another.
The main character came in the class as a...


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