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Short Story (10th Grade)

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There’s this room in the mansion. The wall-paper of the room is white but with time it started to rip off. The windows are pitched black and so we can’t see through the window. There’s also this faint light from the ceiling and a chandelle on a nearby table. In the middle of the room One day I decided I’d open the coffin thinking there wouldn’t be anything in it. Once I opened it there I saw, a women staring right at me. I stared back and took time to acknowledge the features of the dead women in the coffin. She had light brown hair, going down to her shoulders, a pale face and also she had these deep green eyes I could recognize anywhere if I saw them. I slowly close the coffin and head out the room. On the way out I bump into Mary, my domestic. ‘’Sorry’’ I say. ‘’Oh it’s fine sir’’. I take a glance at her and she looks like, she looks like, the dead women in the coffin! No, no it’s impossible! It can’t be her. I’m going crazy I know it! But yet, she has the same brown colored hair, the same hair length and the same deep green eyes. ‘’Sir are you okay? You look a little pale...’’ ‘’Yes, yes I’m fine, I um, I’m going to go to sleep’’, ‘’Goodnight sir’’. I hurry to my room, shut the door and drift off to sleep.

The next day at night, I decide I must go see the coffin one more time. I slowly open the coffin. What I see in it is a complete shock to me. There’s nothing in the coffin! I start panicking! Where did the body go? Was it ever there? It’s coming to get me I know it! Maybe just maybe, I’m going crazy but I’m not! I saw the body and now it’s gone! I can’t believe my own eyes! I finally give up and decide to blame it on my fatigue and to go to sleep.
That same night I had a horrible, oh yes horrible nightmare. It was the body the damn body again! This time it was the body and it was alive and it was staring right at me and ended up killing me. I woke up in terror. Never again was my life the same. In the morning, I went downstairs in the kitchen and I hear...


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