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Lennie as an Animal

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Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men
Lennie described as a “terrier”-
  * The comparison between Lennie and George as dog and master is reinforced.
  * George tells Slim that Lennie will do anything he tells him to, even jump into the river when he doesn't know how to swim.
  * Lennie's love is unconditional. He follows orders, even when he doesn't know the harm they might cause.
  * Terrier- small dog that won’t let go also both are shot by Carlson’s gun.
  * Candy regrets not having shot his old friend.
  * Direct comment to George – in retrospect, this advice when he shoots Lennie.
  * Lennie obeys George as a dog does to his master and relates to Candy’s dog also evokes how dependent he is on George.
The Light and Dark analysis
Quote | Analysis |
“Instantly the table was brilliant with light, the cone of the shade threw its brightness straight downward, leaving the corners of the bunkhouse still in dusk.” | Steinbeck uses the bunkhouse to illustrate his thesis that the farm labourers are overworked and generally mistreated, and that they should be given some protection by the government, since they are unable to protect themselves. |
“Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off.” | Blocks sun with her presence, she is portrayed as a dark figure. The effect of this is increased because Steinbeck shows that there is a “rectangle of sunshine” thus displaying that the amount of light, that could be displaying hope, is limited and less in the lives of ranch men. Even then Curley’s wife manages to take it away, therefore re-enforcing that she has a negative influence throughout the novella. |
“in the stable buck’s room a small electric globe threw a meagre yellow light.” | The use of the word “meagre” displays that he has barely enough of anything in his life, and socially he is not valued and can be easy neglected. It also could have been used by Steinbeck to portray that even though he has privacy and his own...


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