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Humans Do Not Exist Physically but Rather Life Is a Mental State.

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What you think tells your body to do stuff. I predicted everything we experience is not physical but mental. So the only way that you can determine what is going on around you is through your senses. Minus touch as that would contradict my thesis. So our brain basically has to interpet information incoming from our senses. What you see what you hear what you taste . Minus taste as well. Missing a sense.?? I just googled it and just found out thought is a sense. So if you think   of yourself as fat. Your mind will recieve that information since your brain receives info from our senses. Therefore you mind will assume that that is your reality and will work on matching your environment with reality ie life. Thus the placebo effect is legit. Conclusion to fucking legit unbiased essay on science. Therefore anything your senses absorb will be involved in the developing of your body both phsycally and mentally. Thats why it is important to control what you expose yourself to. Self control determines what you expose yourself to. Self control is determined by your consiounce which is controlled by neutrons firing in your brain which causes thoughts, movements and sort of everything your body does. So we are not actually physical beings. Our mind controls our doings therefore. Our "soal" which is within our mind controls us. Therefore we as humans do not exist in the physcial world, if there is such a thing that is past/ outside of our mind. Therefore we cannot contol our selves, our body is run by the movement and the way our neutrons fire after receiving information that we absord in different ways by our mind.


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