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Mgt 195 Hk1 Business Policy and Strategy Midterm Exam

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MGT 195 HK1 Business Policy And Strategy Midterm Exam

MGT 195 HK1 Business Policy And Strategy Midterm Exam
Question 1
In the __________ stage of the industry life cycle, there are many segments, competition is very intense, and the emphasis on process design is high.
Question 2
One aspect of using a cost leadership strategy is that experience effects may lead to lower costs. Experience effects are achieved by:
Hiring more experienced personnel
Repeating a process until a task becomes easier
Spreading out a given expense or investment over a greater volume
Competing in an industry a long time
Question 3
In the __________ stage of the industry life cycle, the emphasis on product design is very high, the intensity of competition is low, and the market growth rate is low.
Question 4
One of the reasons the Internet is eroding sustainable competitive advantages is:
Incumbent firms are entering market segments that they previously considered to be too small
Nearly all competitors will have greater access to tools for managing costs making it hard for any one to achieve an advantage
Differentiators have been able to preserve the unique advantages that have always been the hallmark of their success
Firms are ignoring opportunities to offer high-end services in niche markets
Question 5
The text discusses three approaches to combining overall cost leadership and differentiation competitive advantages. These are the following except:
Automated and flexible manufacturing systems
Exploiting the profit pool concept for competitive advantage
Coordinating the “extended” value chain by way of information technology
Deriving benefits from highly focused and high technology markets
Question 6
A differentiation strategy enables a business to address the...


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