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Mmis 621 Assignment 4 Information Systems Project Management Plan Erp System Implementation Mmis 621: Information Systems Project Management Fall 2015

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MMIS 621 Assignment 4 Information Systems Project Management Plan
ERP system implementation
MMIS 621: Information Systems Project Management
Fall 2015

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to apply and demonstrate your understanding of the tools and principles covered in the class to a project of your choice.

Section 1: Project Definition (5-6 pages)

Define the Project Scope: Use the scope statement template to develop a 2-3 page scope statement for your project. See a snapshot example on page 105.

Establish Project Priorities: As a project manager, you will need to manage the trade-offs among time, cost, and performance. Create a priority matrix   (See figure 4.2 on page 107) to determine which criterion (i.e., time, performance, and cost) are constrained, enhanced, and accepted. Provide a brief explanation about your decisions to accompany the matrix.

Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or Process Breakdown Structure (PBS) and Cost and/or Time Estimates: Once you have completed your scope statement including the identification of your deliverables and the project priorities, you will create either a work breakdown structure (WBS) or Process Breakdown Structure (PBS) to delineate the tasks. Refer to pages 108-113 and the WBS/PBS template to prepare a WBS or PBS for your project. Estimate the project costs and/or time and explain how you went about achieving your estimates.

Section 2: Project Communication (1-2 pages)

Create a Responsibility Matrix: In order to ensure good communication among the project team, create a responsibility matrix (see Figure 4.7 on page 118 for an example).

Create a Power/Interest Map: This is part of the stakeholder analysis. Who are your stakeholders (e.g., customer, sponsor, project team, etc.). See Figure 4.9 on page 120....


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