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Psyc 354 Homework 6 Solution

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PSYC 354   Homework 6 Solution

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Percentiles and Hypothesis Testing with Z-Tests
When submitting this file, be sure the filename includes your full name, course and section.
Example: HW6_JohnDoe_354B01
Be sure you have reviewed this module/week’s lesson and presentations along with the practice
data analysis before proceeding to the homework exercises. Complete all analyses in SPSS, then
copy and paste your output and graphs into your homework document file. Answer any written
questions (such as the text-based questions or the APA Participants section) in the appropriate
place within the same file.
Part I: Concepts
Questions 1–4
These questions are based on the Nolan and Heinzen reading and
end-of-chapter questions.
Part I: Questions 1-7
End-of-chapter problems:
Answer the following questions.
If applicable, remember to show work in your homework document for partial credit.
1) What are the 6 steps of hypothesis testing?
(State the 6 steps)
2) Using the z table in Appendix B, calculate the following percentages for a z score of
2-a) % above this z
score: Answer
2-b) % below this z
score: Answer
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PSYC 354
2-c) At least as extreme
as this z score (on either
3) Rewrite each of the following percentages as probabilities, or p levels:
3-a) 5% = Answer
3-b) 95% = Answer
3-c) 43% = Answer
4) If the critical values, or cutoffs, for a two-tailed z test are -2.05 and +2.05, determine
whether you would reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis in each of the following
4a) z = 2.23
4b) z = -0.97
Imagine a class of twenty-five 12-year-old girls with an average height of 62 inches.
We know that the population mean and standard deviation for this age group of
girls is m=59 inches, s = 1.5 inches. (Note that this is a z statistic problem.)


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