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Northern Bobwhite Quails

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The northern bobwhite quails are small and have rounded bodies, small heads, rounded wings and short tails. They have detailed pattern in brown, reddish-brown,yellowish-beige color, and black. The males have a head pattern of bold black and white and females have a buffy throat and eyebrow.   The length of a bobwhite quail is ten inches. Their wingspan is nine through eleven inches. And their weight is five through eight ounces. They could travel in coveys and they could also run across the ground from the shelter of on shrubby patch to the other. If they are flushed together they will explode into flight with quick wingbeats and then duck into the nearest cover.   If the bobwhite quail are in forced air incubators the temperature must be 99.5 degrees fahrenheit or 37.5 degrees celsius. For still air incubators the temperature must be one hundred two degrees fahrenheit. For the first twenty   days of incubation the humidity should be sixty percent   and on the last three days it should be about   seventy five percent . The eggs should be turned at least three times a day because this prevents the embryonic membranes from sticking to the shell. Day twenty one   is the last day of turning the eggs. Their incubation period is twenty two through twenty four   days. When they are eleven   days old they begin to fly. Twenty one through twenty five weeks of age is when they can start reproducing. The average lifespan for these quails are six months under ideal conditions and five years in the wild.   The northern bobwhites live year around residents in open habitats of southeastern North America.They live in grasslands, open pine or pine hardwood forests and grass brush rangelands as far north as Massachusetts and southern Ontario and also as far west as southeastern Wyoming and eastern New Mexico. They try to avoid mature woodlands and they occupy the early stages of regrowth after a fire, farming, logging, or other disturbance. Numerous of the northern bobwhite quails are in...


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