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Proj 430 Advanced Program Management Entire Course

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PROJ 430 Advanced Program Management Entire Course
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PROJ 430 Advanced Program Management Entire Course

PROJ-430 Advanced Project Management – All 7 Weeks Discussions, A+ Material (PROJ430 PROJ 430)
PROJ430 Week 1 DQ1 Project & Functional Manager Differences
PROJ430 Week 1 DQ2 Projects and Organizational Structures
PROJ430 Week 2 DQ1 The Project Kick-Off
PROJ430 Week 2 DQ2 Project Planning Documents
PROJ430 Week 3 DQ1 Scheduling Techniques
PROJ430 Week 3 DQ2 Adjusting the Project Schedule
PROJ430 Week 4 DQ1 Quality Management
PROJ430 Week 4 DQ2 Project Staffing
PROJ430 Week 5 DQ1 Project Risks
PROJ430 Week 5 DQ2 Procurement
PROJ430 Week 6 DQ1 Project Conflict
PROJ430 Week 6 DQ2 Variance
PROJ430 Week 7 DQ1 Managing Project Trade-Offs
PROJ430 Week 7 DQ2 Change Management

ALL Weeks Checkpoints

PROJ430 Week 1 Checkpoint Solution (Jones and Shephard Accountants (Chapter 3, pp 138 – 140)
1. Provide a synopsis of the Jones and Shephard case.
2. Highlight three enterprise management causes/considerations and three project management causes/considerations for the situation. Include what seemed to be missing.
3. Consider that you are the systems manager who is now responsible for redesigning the organizational structure. What areas need to be addressed for the transition and how will they benefit the company? How will you interact with the upper managers in the company? How do you make this a transition with the least impact on the employees and the customers?
4. How should the transition to a new project management operation be accomplished? Consider what the enterprise should need to know about project management and the new structure. How much time do you recommend for...


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