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Pos 408 .Net I Complete Course Material

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POS 408 .net I Complete Course Material

POS 408 .net I Complete Course Material

POS 408 Week 1 Individual Assignment Simple Visual Basic Programe

Design, implement, test, and debug a simple Visual Basic® program.
Create a VB form inside of Visual Studio. The form needs the following components and functionality:
Two text boxes. Limit the boxes to accept only 15 characters. Rename the text boxes to something meaningful (like, ‘txtFirstName’)
Two labels to the left of the text boxes that prompts the user to enter a first and last name. Rename the labels.
Two buttons. One to clear the contents of the text boxes, and one to exit the application. Include hot keys on the buttons.
Rename the buttons to reflect their purpose ( from ‘button1’ to something like ‘btnClear’)
Name the form, “Week 1” and have that label show on the title bar of the form (instead of the default ‘form1’)
Rename the form to ‘frmweek1’
Include documentation at the top of the code in the form which includes your name and a short description of the assignment
Include anything else you would like to try on the form. Play around and get familiar with the toolbox. Change colors of objects or whatever. Experiment around.
Include a block at the top of the code that contains your information: programmer, date, and information about the application
Zip the files of the project together.
Submit the zipped file

POS 408 Week 1   DQ 1

Reflect on the information from an article you find on the Internet or elsewhere that relates to the topic. Select ONE article and write your reactions, thoughts, and experiences related to the article. As long as the article is somewhat related to our class topics, or to technology generally, it will be fine.
Please do not simply just recap or recite what you read. As part of your response please include the following:
• How does the information apply?
• How...


Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.

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