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BUS 599 Stayer
BUS 599 Week 3 Project Deliverable 1 SWOT Analysis Strayer Latest
BUS 599 Week 4 Project Deliverable 2 Marketing Plan
BUS 599 Week 6 Project Deliverable 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility Plan
BUS 599 Week 8 Project Deliverable 4 Business Plan Draft
BUS 599 Week 9 Project Deliverable 5 Executive Summary and Presentation
BUS 599 Week 10 Project Deliverable 6 Business Plan Final
Each letter must:
be a minimum of 150-200 words in the body of the letter.
describe what the gift will be used to provide (goal).
identify the accepting agency or department.
include your individual thanks.

Section 1: Thank-You Letter from the Agency for Considering Your Proposal
Create a two to three (2-3) page letter in which you:
share thanks from the agency.
share thanks on behalf of the city / or police.
answer any anticipated questions posed by agency.
provide anticipated additional pertinent information requested.
provide other donor information regarding other funding prospects.
Section 2: Thank You Letter for Consideration of the Proposal that was Rejected
Create a two to three (2-3) page letter in which you:
thank the organization for consideration of the proposal, even though they decided not to fund the project.
provide information about your organization, its passion, and its goals.
invite them to visit your organization for a tour and lunch.
end on a positive note.
Section 3: Follow-Up Thank-You Letter
Create a two to three (2-3) page letter in which you maintain dialogue to:
inform the donor of the practical use of the item that was donated.
share updates with the donor. (i.e.: good news, pictures [police officer on motorcycle / horse or streetlights at night], reports, newspaper articles, etc.)
inform the donor of any obstacles.
inform the donor of how the...


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