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An Inspector Calls

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Priestley presents Sheila at the start as an immature girl who follows the tradition of her parents and expectations of daughters in those times, but gradually and when the inspector is introduced, Priestley presents her more mature and responsible when she takes part of the blame for the death of eva smith. This reflect his ideas of socialism when people in society should take responsibility and should look after each other. He presents her in stage directions, the structure of the play and the language used.

At the start of the play, Sheila is introduced at the starts as a girl who is "pleased in life" and is "a pretty girl in her twenties" which shows that she is expected of nothing more than to be a pretty face who does not require an education but believes she has done things which she is proud of but in fact she has done none. This shows to the audience that women in those times were not treated as equally than men and were not seen as people who can make their own choices in life as they are "uneducated" but are only pretty to the eye. This makes the audience feel, especially the female audience, that this is wrong and that this idea is not seen as "normal". Also it shows a disadvantage of capitalism environment to females which is the intention of priestley and to make his ideas of socialism more convincing.

Priestley also presents Sheila when she gets married to gerald when she is only in her twenties which shows she is taking on the tradition of marrying as soon as possible like her parents did. This is shown when Sheila complains to gerald. "except for all last summer when you never came near me" this shows that the type of language Sheila used is that of a child and shows her single minded thoughts when all Sheila cares about is being with her partner when gerald has more important things to do. But this is argued by her mother, Mrs Birling, that "you'll have to get used to that, just like i have". This shows that like her mother, women are seen...


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