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Devry Hum 115 Week 3 Points of View

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Complete the following three-part assignment in a Microsoft® Word document.
Points of View
Step 1:
Choose a topic from the Opposing Viewpoints website accessed in the CWE.  You can access the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database by going to the University Library, selecting Specialized Resources, and then clicking on Opposing Viewpoints in Context.
Here is a screencast showing you around Opposing Viewpoints. Check it out:
Choose a topic that can be argued.  This is called a persuasive topic. (For example: An old house is much better than a new house because of 1, 2, 3 and 4... With this topic you have chosen a side to argue - an old house is better! )  Opposing Viewpoints has many persuasive topics to choose from. Choose something you would like to know more about - it will make this assignment more interesting!   (Note: I do not accept any topics on religion or abortion.) 
Step 2: Paragraph #1 (at least 100 words): Without reading any literature on your chosen topic, answer these questions:
Summarize the issue
Give your opinion on the issue/topic
Step #3: Paragraphs #2-5 Locate two articles on your chosen topic, one for and one against the topic chosen (for example - they must be about opposing views on your topic.) and discuss the following, in at least 100 words per article (one-two paragraphs per article):
Is the information contained in the articles reliable? Are the authors credible or non-credible? Please explain.
Has your opinion changed after reading the articles? Explain your answer.
Can you accept the other side, even if you have not changed your mind about your stance?  Why or why not?
How has this enhnaced your critical thinking?
Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Use Writepoint or a peer reviewer...


Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.

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