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Leadership Report

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Table of Contents
  1.0 Summary 3
  2.0 Introduction 3
  3.0 Goals of the project 4
  4.0 Project process 4
  5.0 Obstacles 5-6
  6.0 Level of success 6
  7.0 Skills developed 7
  8.0 Conclusion and recommendations 8
  9.0 Appendices 9

  1.0 Summary

The Beauty Enhancing Project group decided to paint the downstairs wall bear the Drama and Leadership room to brighten our school and bring colour to those plain walls. We handed out surveys and most of the school voted to have a quote put in the down stairs wall. So our group decided to take the people’s choice and do as they wish. We open the cans of paint and started priming our wall on November 21st 2014, on November 26th we traced the quotes on the wall. We finally started painting the wall November 27th. We finished painting Thursday January 15th. Our team developed many skills like Problem solving, time, and stress management, and communication skill. The team also over came many obstacles like buys paint, and time lines, and getting permission. We hoped many people would like it and after we finished we got many compliments and our project of making our school look more beautiful, and more inciting was a success.

  2.0 Introduction

This report will explain and debrief our painting project which started on November 21st 2014, and ended January 15th 2014. Our Colourful Painting Project was a long process which lasted most of the first semester. We had decided to paint the Drama/Leadership wall so they we could encourage kids to come down. And possibly take those courses.
The Leadership painting team consisted of 5 members. Hannah Carron, Kayla Hedley, Kealie Squires, Justine Raposo, and Me, . Then Josh Grant needed a group so we adopted him in. The rest of this report will show the outline of the project process, the obstacles I encountered, the skills developed, and the level of success of the project.

  3.0 Goals of...


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