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Qnt 565 Final Exam (Latest) - Assignment

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1. Which type of research includes an array of interpretative techniques which seek to describe, decode, translate, and otherwise come to terms with the meaning of certain phenomena?
• Qualitative
• Quantitative
• Descriptive
• Statistical

2. Which term below refers to the descriptors of variables computed from sample data used to estimate those same variables in the population?
• Population parameters
• Standard errors
• Systematic estimates
• Sample statistics

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3. A population consists of the following data: 7, 11, 12, 18, 20, 22, 25. The population variance is
• 36.82
• 22.86
• 5.16
• 6.07

4. If the hypothesis presented is tested using a .05 alpha level and the resulting p value is .01, which of the following interpretations of the results is most appropriate?
• As income increases, food expenditures increase.
• There is a relationship between income and food expenditures.
• As income decreases, the percentage of income spent on food increases.
• There is no relationship between income and food expenditures.

5. Paired comparison scales result in _____ data.
• ratio
• interval
• ordinal
• nominal

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6. Five homes were recently sold in Oxnard Acres. Four of the homes sold for $400,000 while the fifth home sold for $2.5 million. Which measure of central tendency best represents a typical home price in Oxnard Acres?
• The mean or mode.
• The midrange or mean.
• The median or mode.
• The mean or median.

7. An increase in hours of television viewing leads to increases in the sales of snack foods. This is an example of a
• causal hypothesis
• correlational hypothesis
• research question
• descriptive hypothesis

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8. The null hypothesis is typically rejected when
• the calculated value is...


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