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Is the Future a Womens World

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Is the future a women’s world
There is no denying that the participation of women is sky rocketing in every field. The slow and steady rise of women, with their fight for equality and equity is finally looking like a success. Though not in all parts but mostly in developed countries, which is slowly encouraging women all over the world to be better than before and do what they do best. All of these helping women stand up from their husband’s shadows and rise up. There is a wave of feminism and equality taking the world by storm to its next chapter: Women’s World.
We as human beings are curious and we’re always in the hunt for better and easy ways of solving problems and women are well capable in doing, better than men, as stated by the neuroscience department of Rochester University and it isn’t just that, women can handle more pressure than men in general as stated by ‘The Guardian’. Women role models are being created worldwide like ‘Hilary Clinton’ who is running for President of the United States of America. Germany’s ‘Angela Merkel’ is the chancellor of Germany not only in the western part of the world but also in south Asia countries like India, Bangladesh and many others have had women prime ministers. Not just in the field of politics women are storming in other fields like banking, law, medicine etc. , we can see the example of Executive Director and CEO of Temasek Holdings ‘Ho ching’ and also the likes of ‘Beyoncé’ rising in the music industry showing women are no less than men.
Women have not taken education lightly as shown by statistics, as the results of 7 different boards show that women are better at their board compared to that of men including the famous ‘A levels’. The college admission rate as well as the scholarship got by women has been more than that of the men in the past few years. But women will always be women; they aren’t physically as powerful as men. So they fall back in certain fields like physical jobs and some sports. Though the...


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