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war in Europe ended. During this time, Jews in Europe were systematically persecuted and 6 million Jews were murdered. These Jewish people were not casualties of war but they were innocent men and women who did nothing to anybody, not only were they murdered for no reason but their children were also murdered for no reason.
It is really amazing how the Germans were willing to go to such extreme lengths no eniolate all the Jewish population. It's amazing the Germans were able to do this for so long without even being touched. There armies were unstoppable and there was nothing the Jewish population could do to save themselves.
The holocaust really had five phases that killed so many innocent people. These phases were isolation arynaization, violence against Jews, ghettoization, and annihilation. All five were a major part in the killing of the Jewish people.
The boycott against Jews was initiated in early 1933. This boycott was directed to people of the Jewish people. It didn't matter if you were hardly Jewish at all if you had in Jewish blood in you, you were considered a Jew. In 1935 the Nuremberg laws were made and these laws took away all Jews voting rights.
In 1937 Nazis started to take away Jewish possessions and forced businessmen to sell their businesses. They were given identity cards and passports that identified them as Jews. Children were expelled from their schools and all men and women were banned from all public events such as sporting evens, and other associations.
Much violence towards Jews was made. It started as Nazis destroyed Synagogues (the wors


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