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Written Assignment 2: Biology and Technology in the Real World (Position Paper

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Written Assignment 2: Biology and Technology in the Real World (Position Paper  

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Course Outcomes
This assignment is designed to help you achieve two of the four major course outcomes:
• use knowledge of biological principles to ask relevant questions about the natural world
• make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations

1. Select one of the topics below.
a) Genetically modified food. Your daughter comes home from school a little perplexed. In her home economics class, her teacher informed her that you have probably been feeding her genetically modified foods. She did not quite understand what was meant by genetically modified food. In an attempt to help her understand, write a paper for her which includes the following:
• The purpose of human-made genetic recombinations in food.
• Whether or not foods that contain genes resulting from artificial genetic recombinations are really safe.
• A list of foods in your supermarket that result from genetic recombination.
• What types of regulations exist for these foods.
• A conclusion of your own opinion

on genetically modified foods

(For help, you might search the Food and Drug Administration website.)
b) Stem cells. Your friend suffered a spinal cord injury after a bad car accident. The medical team has decided that your friend is a good candidate for a clinical trial using stem cell therapy. Your friend has not had a biology course since high school. So you decide to write your friend a paper sharing your knowledge of stem cells. Include in your letter:
• A description of the biology of stem cells and how these cells are unique from other cells.
• A contrast the different types of stem cells, including pros and cons of each.
• An explanation of how stems cells can be used to treat diseases and injury, with...


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