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Are Millennials Really More Informed

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Are Millennials Really More Informed

Is this generation really more informed? That is one of the many questions that relate to the argument of our generation’s actual knowledge of what’s going on around the world. Some individuals believe that this generation isn’t interested in what the news has to offer, and that they rely on social media to give us information. The other majority of the general public strongly conclude that Millennials   do have the advantage to obtain information, but they don’t necessarily gain any insight from the specific topic. This leaves us wondering, which argument is accurately factual? We Millennials, in my belief, are more informed than past generations, but we just don’t know how to properly make use of our sources.

Our generation has advantages that past generations didn’t have at hand, which means that we clearly do have more sources, and can easily find out about a specific topic we might be interested in, in less than a second. For example, “People can pretty much go online and get informed about something, while other generations couldn’t do that.” (Jeffrey Kargol). This shows that while back then, people had to either wait to hear the news from someone or see what the newspaper had to say. Unlike in this generation, we can easily with the touch of our fingers be able to get every single detail on everything we hope to learn about. Furthermore, this generation has more sources than just newspapers, meaning that if one source doesn’t seem credible enough, you can go look up another one. But, some people in this generation have “more” important things to do than learn about other people’s problems or the issues of the world around them.  

“Facebook provides users with the ability to pick up and choose what information they see and investigate more closely.” This explains that while Facebook might look like it could only be used for social media, it can also be considered a news source because, you can investigate deeper...


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