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Which of Russia’s Rulers from 1855 to 1964 Served the Interests of the Russian People Best?

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Which of Russia’s rulers from 1855 to 1964 served the interests of the Russian people best?

The leader that best served the needs of the Russian people was Khrushchev. Unlike any of the previous leader, Khrushchev concentrated on both short term and long term interests to improve thing for the Russian people. He not only solved the agricultural issues that faced Russia at this time but he started introducing reforms such as the virgin land scheme; giving the media freedom, limiting censorship, desalinisation and also the five year plans. Khrushchev was the only Russian leader to base all of this reforms completely on the interests of the people and reformed fully without fear of any backlash. Dissimilar to Alexander ii, who you could argue reformed in order to serve the interests of the people as he did free the serfs. However, the limit to his reform was clouded by fear of the nobility and what they would do If the serfs were given complete freedom. Furthermore, meaning he only imposed those reforms because he was under pressure from the Crimean war. Although Lenin and Stalin did serve interests on one hand as they both looked at short term prosperity but short term was too harsh and it was arguable that their reforms served the interests of ‘all’ Russian people; examples being war communism and Dekulakisation. Alexander iii only cared for his own interests, avenging his father and repressing opposition, although he did make significant movements towards industry, peasant land banks and railways which showed he did care about serving the interests of the people. Out of all of the rulers of Russia during this time period, Nicholas ii was the one that cared least about the people, this is shown through Bloody Sunday, pushing Russia into joining WW1. Also through his lack of interest towards the peasants.
Although Khrushchev was not successful in his rule, all of his intentions whilst a leader were based on the interests of the people and better life for them. He...


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