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Devry Acct251 Full Course [ All Discussions All Quizes All Peachtree Assignment and Full Course Project and Final ]

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devry acct251 full course [ all discussions all quizes all peachtree assignment and full course project and final ]
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week 1

Underestimating/Overestimating Peachtree (graded)
Automated accounting information systems, such as Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010, are powerful business tools. Identify and discuss how we may overestimate or underestimate the power of accounting information systems such as Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010.

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Accounting Knowledge (graded)
Many of you have taken at least one accounting class prior to taking this class. Explain how a person's understanding of accounting may help or hurt him or her in his or her use of automated accounting information systems like Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010.


Maintaining Vendor Relationships (graded)
As you know, maintaining a strong & dependable relationship with your vendors is crucial to your business. How can systems like Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 help you to maintain this relationship?

Payment Options (graded)
Most businesses allow their customers to use a variety of options (credit cards, store credit, check, cash, or e-cash like PayPal) when making payments. What are some of the challenges in offering a wide variety of payment options for firms that use systems like Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010?

week 3

Employee Data (graded)
Assume that you have employees who live in one state and work in another. How does this affect your set up and use of an automated accounting system such as Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 for payroll processing?

Chart of Accounts (graded)
Most automated accounting systems provide you with a chart of account (general ledger) that is already established. What are the challenges in relying on a pre-established chart of account?

week 4



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