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Devry Bis155 Full Course [ All Discussions All Ilabs All Quizes and Final ] Latest 2015 Spring September

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devry BIS155 full course [ all discussions all ilabs all quizes and final ] latest 2015 spring September
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Devry BIS155 week 1 Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band 2015
You are the assistant to the band director for the Upper Saddle River Marching Band, and you must prepare a report showing the status of the marching band fundraising event for presentation to the board of trustees. The report will summarize all sales of all items and include the total profit-to-date with the amount remaining to reach the profit goal. You will open the partially completed workbook, create formulas, format for presentation to the board, and add charts to graphically depict the sales over time and by product.
After completing the steps below, turn in one Excel 2010 workbook. The workbook should be named Lab1_yourLastName.xlsx. When submitting the workbook, provide a comment in the Dropbox comments area explaining what you learned from completing this lab activity
STEP 1: Open the workbook and add a documentation sheet (5 points)
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Begin the lab by locating the spreadsheet, chap1_cap_fundraising.xslx, in Doc Sharing (Lab Materials). Open the workbook in Excel 2010, and rename it Lab1_your lastname.xlsx (Mary Jones would save the file as Lab1_jones.xlsx).
• Step-by-Step Guide:Opening a File in the iLab Environment
Insert a new spreadsheet into the workbook. Create a Documentation Sheet. Include your name, the date, and the purpose of the spreadsheet. Your documentation sheet should look something like the one below:
Upper Saddle River Marching Band - Fundraising Event
Creator Your Name
Date Date
Purpose Board of Directors Presentation on Fundraising Sales to date
Need help? Click here for a Step-by-Step Guide: Creating the Documentation Sheet.

This video walks through the current step(s) in this week's Lab. The video may provide...


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