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Busi 409 Midterm Exam Answers

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BUSI 409 Midterm Exam Answers

This principle prevents government funds from going directly to religious congregations or to organizations that would use them for religious activities.

The idea that a leader must be friendly but cannot permit himself or herself to become too familiar with subordinates is

The various life-stage theories have many critics, but the theories reflect a(n) _____ consistent with the values of most nonprofit organizations.

In its proper definition, this term involves comparisons among organizations, either at the macro or at the micro level.

This identifies the characteristics, values, perceptions, expectations, and concerns of stakeholders, including clients or customers, donors, and relevant government officials.

Nonprofit management literature sources include

In Dym and Hutson’s alignment map, how many components must be aligned for a perfect fit?

Which government entity grants nonprofits their charters?

Nonprofits may compete directly with other organizations, nonprofit or for-profit, but also face from all alternative uses for individuals’ time and money.

Who did Herman and Heimovics find is actually seen as responsible for the organization’s success or failure?

According to Dym and Hutson, alignment is

The nation’s first school of management was the

As Maslow and other theorists explain, people come to the workplace

A generic term that encompasses any relationship in which two or more independent organizations work together toward common objectives is

Salamon’s Anatomy classifies nonprofit organizations by

What are specific, quantified targets that represent steps toward accomplishing goals?

The concept that maintains that organizations in the same field become more like each other as a result of facing similar influences from their environments is

A nonprofit that qualifies under...


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