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Cis 359 Midterm Exam Answers

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CIS 359 Midterm Exam Answers

A(n) ____ is an object, person, or other entity that is a potential risk of loss to an asset.

The term ____ refers to a broad category of electronic and human activities in which an unauthorized individual gains access to the information an organization is trying to protect.

____ of risk is the choice to do nothing to protect an information asset and to accept the outcome of its potential exploitation.

Information assets have ____ when they are not exposed (while being stored, processed, or transmitted) to corruption, damage, destruction, or other disruption of their authentic states.

____ is the risk control approach that attempts to reduce the impact caused by the exploitation of vulnerability through planning and preparation

A(n) ____ is an investigation and assessment of the impact that various attacks can have on the organization.

A(n) ____ is any clearly identified attack on the organization’s information assets that would threaten the assets’ confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

____ is the process of examining, documenting, and assessing the security posture of an organization’s information technology and the risks it faces.

A ____ attack seeks to deny legitimate users access to services by either tying up a server’s available resources or causing it to shut down

An organization aggregates all local backups to a central repository and then backs up that repository to an online vendor, with a ____ backup strategy.

A(n) ____ is often included in legal documents to ensure that a vendor is not liable for actions taken by a client.

A ____ is a synonym for a virtualization application.

A ____ is an agency that provides physical facilities in the event of a disaster for a fee.

A ____ is a contractual document guaranteeing certain minimal levels of service provided by a vendor.

A(n) ____ backup only...


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