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Jadm 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice Midterm Exam Answers

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JADM 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice Midterm Exam Answers

(TCO 1) Which model emphasizes individual rights?
(TCO 1) Who returns an indictment?
(TCO 1) Jake Robinson was convicted on a burglary and a drug offense. He was given a sentence of six years in prison for both offenses. These sentences were to run concurrently. How many years would he spend in prison?
(TCO 1) The ________ collects information on crimes suffered by individuals and households, whether or not those crimes were reported to law enforcement.
(TCO 1) Which of the following would be included in UCR/NIBRS murder statistics?
(TCO 1) A juvenile who steals a candy bar and states “No one was really hurt,” is using which neutralization technique?
(TCO 1) An 18th-century approach to crime causation and criminal responsibility that grew out of the Enlightenment and that emphasized the role of free will and reasonable punishments.
(TCO 2) When a police officer induces a subject to commit a crime, a defendant will probably use:
(TCO 2) Bob is sitting on a park bench minding his own business when an undercover police officer comes up to Bob and talks him into buying some marijuana. Then the officer arrests Bob for possession of marijuana. Bob can claim the defense of:
(TCO 2) ________ is/are a person’s reason for committing a crime.
(TCOs 3&4) Comes stabuli:
(TCOs 3&4) ICE is an agency in the Department of Homeland Security responsible for:
(TCOs 3&4) A neighborhood resource officer asks residents to clean up litter, remove graffiti, and install better lighting in a nearby park that is known for extensive drug dealing. Such a request is characteristic of what type of corporate strategy?
(TCOs 3&4) According to the 2001 Status of Women in Policing Survey, about what percentage of U.S. law enforcement officers is female?
(TCOs 3&4) In Missouri v. Seibert, the U.S. Supreme Court found...


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