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Mgmt 404 Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answers

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MGMT 404 Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answers

Multiple Choice
(TCO 1) Which step of the project life cycle creates the project charter?

Monitoring and control
Close out

(TCO 1) Which document is created during the initiation phase of a project?

The scope
The project schedule
The project charter
The project communication plan

(TCO 1) A project is defined as a(n) _____ endeavor undertaken to create a(n) _____ product, service, or result.

challenging; new
temporary; unique
new; challenging
ongoing; unique

(TCO 1) Projects have specific attributes. Which of the following is not an attribute of a project?

It is an ongoing endeavor.
It has a defined objective.
It requires resources.
It has a defined start and stop.

(TCO 1) The purpose of a project charter is to

define the project.
allow for the creation of a WBS.
authorize the project.
define detailed project risks.

(TCO 1) Which document on a project authorizes the project manager to begin work on the project?

The scope
The schedule
The charter
The risk management plan

(TCO 2) Which step of the project life cycle defines the project scope?

Close out

(TCO 2) Which step of the project life cycle defines all of the project deliverables?

Close out
Monitoring and control

(TCO 2) Project deliverables are created in the _____ , which is completed during the _____ phase of a project.

charter; execution
scope; planning
schedule; planning
charter; planning

(TCO 2) Which statement is an example of a project constraint?

“If the parts arrive late, we will not finish on time.”
“We must get permits before we start work.”
“I believe the contracts will be signed by the 15th.”
“The paving of the parking lot is a major piece of work for this project.”

(TCO 2) Which statement is an example of a project...


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