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Time Machine

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The existence of time machine is still a mystery of scientific and echnological revolution .Some say it is only a myth with fertile imagination of hildren and young crank people. But the following story will definitely change our minds forever.
The story began in 2060 when a mother and her son rushing to the son's chool, the sky was crystal clear, it was a peaceful and serene morning, the wind was blowing in gusts and the two did not realize what happened next was a tragedy. The black car was driving too fast and the driver did not seem to brake in time. The car ollided the mother with deadly hit, and then the mother felt on the ground, lying motionless and not long after that, she died without saying a word to her son. Time pasted by, the devastated son grew mature but could not hide what was called a melancholy. He always desired to find a way to change that tragedy and the only way was to build a time machine to travel back in time.
Finally, he did it after so many years diligently learning about technology and cience. It was 2100, the time machine was completely and successfully assembled, he as very nervous but was very avid for saving his mother's life.Without any hesitation, he jumped into the hole created from the machine. The hole was abomidably as dark and long as the black hole of the universe and the scienctist's head as suffered from a piercing pain through his body. Suddenly, he felt on the ground and the watch was 2060. The surroundings was o familiar that he almost shed into tear but tried to restrain his emotion and ran as fast as he could to the primary school that he had studied. He immediately saw his mother nd the boy next him. The black car was coming nearer, with all of his trength and bravery, he stopped the car but was badly hit. Luckily, he did not die but ame along were some cracking bones and broken leg. The mother, of course, did not recognize him and gratefully said thanks to the man who saved wistful eyes and shed into tears, came...


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