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A True Friend in My Life

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A True Friend In My Life
英文1505 陈芊荟
Although there are a lot of friends in my life, a true friend is very unique.
Ben is one of the best friends in my life. At the first time I met him, he was a little boy with black hair and was too shy to greet me. He was my classmate in the junior high school. We were both keen on mathematics, physics and chemistry at that time. We became friends after a math competition six years ago. Both of us won awards in that competition and gained a chance to attend an excellent students’ training lesson held in the school. In the lesson, we often researched some difficult problems together and he always helped me with my learning. After several months, we became better friends and knew each other better and better.
Three years later, we were admitted by the same senior high school. However, we were no longer in the same class. I thought maybe we would have less and less chance to get together and talk with each other. To my surprise, we valued our friendship more than before. He often came to my class and told me a lot of interesting things that happened around him. He always reminded me of the life in the junior high school, the happy and simple life.
Coincidently, there is only one day between his birthday and mine. In other words, we were almost born in the same day. So it is easy for us to remember the dates of our birthdays and give each other best wishes at zero o’clock for every years’ birthday time. It is very lucky for both of us to become friends and I will never ever forget it.
Now, we have known each other for nearly seven years. We are so familiar with each other that even we don’t stay together we can still have a lot of interesting topics in conversations. We both get into universities. He is an English major student in Zhejiang University and I’m also studying English in Guangzhou. Because both of us are studying in English, we have lots of similar experiences again.
Over the eighteen years, surrounded by so many people...


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