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Swallowing Stones Timeline

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Chapter 1 and 2

•Michael got a new Winchester Rifle for his seventeenth birthday from his grandfather, to celebrate he aimlessly fires a shot into the sky the following day, the fourth of July.

•While Michael’s girlfriend Darcy is inside making potato salad with Karen Michael goes into the garage with an easy girl from school, Amy, and has sex with her.

•While Michael is on his way with Joe in Joe’s red Mustang to the DMV to take his driving he decides to practice and parallel park one more time. As he is backing in he hears on the radio that a man was killed by a stray bullet out of the sky. Near the same place and time Michael had previously shot.

•Joe talks Michael into not telling anyone including the police.

•Michael takes his test and when it comes to the parallel parking he walks out on it.

•Michael goes out of town to buy some PVC pipe for his rifle and buries it underground

•Meredith talks to Jenna and she tries to remember if they are talking this week. They do not get along.  

•Meredith is a busy, neat, clean, accountant.

Chapter 3 and 4

•Jenna notices her father's “ Honey Doo” List and crosses off “Patch Leak In Roof”

•Chief Zelenski came over to take Jenna and Meredith’s statements.

•Michael wants to tell Jenna that shooting Charlie was an accident and that he could never kill anyone but does not.

•Michael thinks about leaving the state but, figures it would be dumb and point the finger right at him.

Chapter 5

•Michael is wandering around and some how shows up at Amy’s house.

Michael silently says “each day became more complicated, more exhausting”

Chapter 6 and 7  

•Jenna rearranged everything in her room to be very neat where everything had it’s own place and it either fit or it didn’t.  

•Meredith and Jenna attend Charlie’s funeral.

•Andrea talks Jenna into going to the community pool. Where Jenna notices the lifeguard as the boy who...


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