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The Charity Organization Should Give Assist to Foreign Places or to Its Domestic Places?

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Some people believe that the charity organizations should give aid to those in greatest need, whenever they live. Some people believe that the charity organizations would better concentrate on helping people who live in own country instead. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

International aid has been a controversial problem in most countries nowadays. Some people suggest that charity organizations should give aid to those who are really in need instead of assisting people from their own countries. Personally, I advocate that countries should try their best to assist others, and play a role as a member of the world to maintain a stable and harmonious environment.

It is momentous for countries to considerate their domestic problems in advance when they are deciding to give help to others because each countries has limited social and financial resources. Some African countries, for example, their governments are hardly capable of dealing with their local issues, like the poverty and the health issues. If these countries still invested a large sum of money to help others instead of taking care of their citizens, this would significantly render their people to suffer more difficulties than before. As a result, what they can do is to pay more attention on their domestic problems at first, and then try their best to help others whatever is in terms of the money or the human force.

Every country, moreover, should possess a responsibility of sustaining the stability and harmony in the world by supporting each other. To be specific, helping other countries, which will bespeak a behavior of humanism, is instrumental for establishing a friendly image to other countries. If some countries encounter difficulties without others’ help, its society and economy will be in danger, and even influence the whole world. Take the Ebola virus as an example, which originated in the African and has a widespread impact on the world, if no others countries to assist the...


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