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Concepts of Learning

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I would like to start off saying how much I enjoyed this course and how much I learned about myself throughout! I never realized the true meaning of “learning” until the past five weeks of my life.   This course has opened my eyes up tremendously! Learning to me is how I take things in and what I decide to do with them.   If a problem arises I have many ways I can look at it to solve it the best way possible. The first step in learning is to assess what you are seeing, hearing, or trying to solve.   The second step is to comprehend it. Next you have to figure out what needs to be done. There are several ways to go about things but sometimes there are only a few appropriate ways to handle certain situations.   Learning is how we, as people, view the world around us while taking in every bit of information we can and process it accordingly. We can learn many ways such as watching, reading, experiencing, and doing!
I am a strong-willed learner.   My top three scores that are use-first are as follows: Sequence-28, Precise-31, and Technical Reasoning-28.   My confluent score came in lower at 23. I am able to retain information better when I can read what I need in black and white. I like to have order in my life and a clear set of directions for everything I do. I have never been one to like the “grey” area of anything.   To me there is no in-between, there is right or wrong. This is an area where I struggle.   I scored lower on confluence because I can’t think outside the box.   I believe I lost my creativity when I was younger somewhere on my way to growing up. I remember being a dreamer at a young age, but I also remember believing there was a yes or a no, never a maybe.   There was an up and a down, never an in-between. My top three patterns are used constantly. I use sequence and precision when I’m doing my homework, or reading a recipe to cook a meal. I use technical reasoning when I work doing remodel work on my rentals. I like to take things apart and learn how to put...


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