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Spoken Issues of Businese

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Task 1
You are preparing for a job interview. Talk with your friend about the job requirements and your qualification. Discuss what you should prepare for the interview.

A: hi, xxx, long time no see, you seem very busy recently.
B: oh, yes, you know, I’m going to graduate from college two months later, so I have been searching for a job.
A: Have you succeed in it ?
B; I’m afraid not. It’s not so easy to find a good job now. And I’ll have a interview for electronic engineer tomorrow.
A: Sounds great. It’s close to your profession. What’s the requirement of the position?
B: It’s said that the job is only open to those with over two years experience. So I’m not very confident.
A: oh, don’t’ worry about it. Even though I can’t say you have enough working experience in this field, but you have made a lot of professional programs in the university and you got the first prize, didn’t you?
B: Yes, I did. And I think I can operate some software like multisim.
A; Good, that’s your shining point. The only thing you should do is to be honest and let the interviewers find your advantages. I’m sure you can do it.
B: Thank you very much. I feel much better after talking with you.
A; Good luck to you, friend. I wish your good news.
B: I will try my best. If I can get my job, I will treat you.
A: Ok, I’m waiting for it.

Task 2
A, a graduate student from ECNU, is applying for the position of English secretary. B, the interviewer, is interviewing A.

A:May I come in?
B: Yes, please.
A: Good morning, sir.
B: Good morning. Take a seat please.
A: Thank you. My name is XXX, I’m here to have a interview as requested. Nice to meet you.
B:Nice to meet you. I’ve read your resume. You’re applying for the position of secretary. Do you have any practical experience for the position?
A: I will graduate from university this summer, so I can’t say I have enough experience in this field. But I used to work as a temporary secretary in a company during vacations. I think I learned the basic...


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