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Sound of Silence: Elixir for the Fools!

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Tank 1
Vraj Tank
Prof. Teng
English 103, 12AM
June 1, 2016

                                                The Sound of Silence: Elixir for the Fools!
              Sound and Silence are contradictory words which cannot exist together. Likewise, the
East and the West cannot meet.   We cannot see the Sun and the Moon at the same time and the
same place. But the lyrical song, “The Sound of Silence” written by American artist and singer
Paul Simon presents quite a different picture. He comes before us as an alchemist and says with
confidence that he can mix sound and silence and make a magical liquid that can cure even the
deadly disease cancer. As a preacher, teacher and savior, this angry young lyricist addresses his
audience as “fools” and says, ”You do not know, silence like cancer grows. Hear my words that I
might teach you. Take my arms that I might reach you.” He wants to reach and teach his readers.
Behind the song’s beautiful musical melodies and enjoyable rhythm, there lies an elixir of life
which can cure the silent killer of silence.
              The song is about a struggle to share and exchange meaningful ideas. The lyricist
laments that people are “talking without speaking and hearing without listening.” Foolish folks
just talk without any sense and hear without any understanding. Their communication is only on
its superficial level. Although the writer is young, he shows his maturity and great  
understanding about the complex world around him. This may be considered as his philosophy
of life. His satire shows what a great genius he is! The meaning of the lyrics is about darkness
representing ignorance and silence representing submission. People are afraid to share their
personal ideas. They are not allowed to express their feelings freely and fearlessly. The writer
does not like to see them being mute spectators. The underlying theme of the song is man’s
inability to communicate with man. He sees the communication...


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