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Is 3050 Summer 2015 Exam Complete Solution Requirements

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IS 3050 Summer 2015 Exam complete solution Requirements

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Step 1 (5 points)   Create a file called EXAM1A Algorithm

At the Law Firm of DeweCheatem and Howe full-time employees work 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.   For all hours worked in a week over 40 hours the firm must pay its employee time and a half. All employees have to pay a flat 28% tax on their earnings

You have been asked to develop an algorithm which will ask an employee to enter the hours they have work for current week and (it is possible to work a fraction of an hour) their hourly rate.   Using this information you will calculate and output an employee's overtime pay and net pay at the law firm of DeweCheatem and Howe.

Step 2 (10 points) Create a project EXAM1B

You are to develop a C# program from the algorithm that you developed in Step 1.

Step 3 (10 points) Create a project named EXAM1C
You are to take the program in the attach pdf and convert it to one that uses methods.

Step 4 (5 pointes) Create a web page
Your webpage is to demonstrates the use of an external style sheet.   Your webpage is to be called EXAM1D.html and the stylesheet is to be called   EXAM1D.css

When finished create a zip file that contains the file from step1, the project folders from steps 2& 3 and the files from step 4.   Once you have made the zip file upload it to blackboard via the exam link, which you used to get the exam.

Do NOT forget toupload the projects to blackboard

Do notforget to backup the projects to your I: drive once you are done!


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