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Bshs 435 Complete Class – Research and Statistics in Human Services

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BSHS 435 Complete Class – Research And Statistics In Human Services

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BSHS 435 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Literature Review

Read Ch. 4 of Practical Research Planning and Design.
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Literature Review. The word count should be 1050-1400 words. You should include 10 references

BSHS 435 Week 2 Individual Assignment Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper

Read Ch. 5 and Ch. 7 of Applied Social Research.
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper

BSHS 435 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Journal Article Critique Paper

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Journal Article Critique Paper. Submit a 1050-1400 word paper.

BSHS 435 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Research Evaluation Paper

Research in the University Library to locate at least two research studies on human services management that provide examples of the two types of evaluation research.
Write a 700- to 1050–word paper about research evaluation. Include the following topics in your paper:
• Describe research evaluation and why it is important.
• Describe the two types of evaluation research and provide examples for each type from the research studies you located in the University Library.
• Identify at least one example for each of the following topics that you plan to use for your research proposal due on Week Five:
o Formative research
o Proximal goal
o Long-term goal
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and include a title page and a reference page (No abstract is necessary).

BSHS 435 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Research Proposal

Read “A 15-Step Model for Writing a Research Proposal” in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
Submit a 2800- to 3500-word research proposal on a...


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