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Ipact of Hiv

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Peace Okere
25 march 2016
                                          The Impact of HIV as a Disease Condition of the Body
HIV is a disease condition of the body which develops by breaking down the body tissues and its mechanism. HIV which fully means human immune deficiency syndrome was first discovered in equatorial Africa in the late fifty’s before spreading to other parts of the world (Curtis, 106).
In the fifty’s when it was first discovered , there was no vaccine or medication to secure the life of any infected host nor its mode of transmission known by anybody. This disease at this point was called HTLV/LAV which means human T-cell lymphotropic virus/Lymphotropic associated virus. Scientists suspected that this disease was originally contracted from monkeys carry a virus related to human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS in human beings. (Curtis,54).
Mode of transmission
    HIV can be contacted through sex, blood transfusion, breast feeding or generally through contact of body fluids between infected and non infected persons, this makes it impossible for HIV to exist outside the body system. HIV survives only in body fluids like vaginal and semen and affects mostly the CD4 or Tcells immune system.   These cells are very important because they help the immune system to fight infections. These key cells are easily destroyed due to the mode of operation of HIV which also makes it impossible for the body to fight diseases and infections.HIV achieves this by killing the Tcell which is known to be relevant to the immune system (Xin-yun., 2207). HIV uses the protein CD4 present on the surface of the cell to   gain access to the cells thereby multiplying itself over and over in other to increase its ability to destroy CD4 cells and causing the affected cells to out-number healthy...


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