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Maize Milling Machine Operating Introduction

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The body of MAIZE MILLING MACHINE uses an all-steel welding technique with non-founding material. Except for the special cutting function, there is also a grading machine. The damaged material is collected by the grading equipment with effect of airflow. Normally the grading equipment replaces the screen of the crushing equipment, which can complete the micro damage and powder micronized sorting two processing and manufacturing processes of maize milling machine. It reaches 100% yield of powder one-time without residue.

Maize milling machine can change the product fineness for uniform fineness. There is no need of adding selection plansifter. All of the wear parts of maize milling machine are made of the special wear-resisting materials or hard alloy with good wear resistance. The cost of replacing wearing parts is low, meeting the hygienic standards of various commodities. Maize milling machine is equipped with a cooling device for ensuring the color, grade and quality of processed heat-sensitive materials. Normal type owns outstanding heat rejection function to prevent the transformation from temperature rising.

Maize milling machine has high yield and high product quality. Depending on the requirements of the finished product, maize milling machine achieves the fineness adjustment production, greatly improving product quality. Through the structure improvements, maize milling machine maintenance rate is low; the wearing parts changing cycle of maize milling machine is long. Combined with the maize characteristics, upgrade the consumable materials to improve the cutter life cycle.

Maize milling machine is a best investment of grain processing equipment. Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various grain processing, especially the maize milling machine.

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