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Econ 420 Homework 5

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ECON 420 Homework 5

Name: _________________________________ Homework 5
Instructor: Michael Morrison               Econ 420                     Due: 4/15/2016 by 5:00
Total: 24 points

The Business and Economics Department has recently completed an alumni survey on learning objectives. A version of the survey and the motivation behind the survey is available at the link below. A pdf copy is also available on D2L.
https://www.research.net/r/sampleSLOsSp16 (Please do not try to complete the survey).

1. (12 points) The results of the survey will be compiled into a report and presented to the Business and Economics Department, as well as to Dean Miller. Write a rough outline for the report based on the motivation and the questions asked.
Think about:
What information should be presented?
What information would be most useful given the motivation?
What statistics should be generated?

Note: Unfortunately, we do not have the tools to properly run the regressions needed for this homework, so you must instead describe the steps you would take instead.

2. (12 points) The ultimate goal of the survey and the effort to improve learning objectives is to improve the number and quality of job offers students receive after graduation.
1. Suppose we must use regressions to analyze how opinions differ based on the demographic characteristics. What kind of model(s) should we use? What would the regression equation(s) look like?
2. Given the ultimate goal; are there any groups of respondents whose opinions should carry greater weight?
3. How could we use t-tests to determine the likelihood that one group favors one learning objective over another? Write down the correct null and alternate hypothesis.
4. Is there reason to believe that one group of respondents should not be included with the rest? How would you test that; what is the procedure and equation?
5. What would a rejection...


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