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Sc 121-06 Unit 8 Assignment Bodies in Balance

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SC 121-06 Unit 8 Assignment Bodies in Balance

Unit 8 Assignment
Bodies in Balance

Your neighbor knows that you are taking Anatomy & Physiology I (A&P I) at Kaplan University and asks a favor of you.   Her daughter is an 8th grader at a local Middle/Junior High School and is part of the Science club.   They are excited because they have just learned that a general A&P course will be offered in the local high school next year.   They would like you to come and give a presentation on what they have been told is one of the most important topics of A&P – homeostasis.   You agree to do it and have decided to use one of the three systems you have studied in SC121 to date as an example.   You will need to put together a power point presentation that conveys the information in simple terms to the students.

There are three parts to this power point presentation:

Part 1
As an introduction, discuss the following with at least one slide for each bullet point:

• Introduce yourself and sum up what you will be presenting.
• Explain what an Anatomy and Physiology class is – what is studied in such a class?
• Explain homeostasis in a way your audience will understand it and why this concept is so crucial to A&P.
• What is a feedback mechanism and what are its components?
• What is a positive feedback mechanism?
• What is a negative feedback mechanism?

Part 2
For the next part you will need to describe one system of the body and one homeostatic mechanism for that system. You may only choose one system and its associated feedback mechanism from the list below.

Skeletal system – calcium homeostasis
Muscular system – thermoregulation
Integumentary system – thermoregulation

For the chosen system:

• List all of the organs and or components of the system.
• Explain what each organ and component does.
• How do these organs and/or components help each other...


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