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Environmental Issue

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No doubt, nowadays, environmental issue like global warming has become a very big problem. It is dangerous for living beings. By considering this issue, I think government should concentrate more on budget of environmental protection than on economy. If environment is clean and clear, then only there will be an existence of human being, and question of economy will rise otherwise it won’t.
First of all, environmental protection is the protection of human or all living beings. Today, we can see life of animals and humans is in danger, because of environmental problems. Many animals are no more in existence. We can only see their pictures. Their natural habitat is destroying day by day for multi storied buildings. People are moving from villages to metropolitan areas, where population is increasing. As population is increasing, buildings and complexes are also increasing. Many forests are being destroyed to build those buildings and complexes. Destroying forests is not only harmful to the animals, but also to human beings. So, environmental protection has become a need of an hour which cannot be neglected, and for that, government should give more importance to environmental protection in its budget than any other issues.
Secondly, investment in environmental protection could give us a guarantee of lifetime safety. However, investment in economy could be risky, which can be collapsed at any time. Investment in environmental protection not only helps us in our life protection, but also gives us a chance to make profit. For example, if our country is pollution free, close to nature, and beautiful, then it will attract tourists. And, tourists will bring more business, through which we can earn a profit. Hence, for human safety and profit, first government should concentrate on solving environmental issues.
Although economy also plays important role in the economic development of the country. But, without human being, there is no use of economy and its development....


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