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Sesame Consumption Is a Growing Trend

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Sesame formerly known as flax. It is said that probably originated in Africa or India, according to legend is the introduction of China's Western Han Dynasty when Zhang Qian, but now scientific research, sesame Origin China Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.
Sesame flower nectary, it rape, buckwheat and known as China's three major honey crop, sesame honey quality is superior. Sesame mill made of sesame oil, fragrant, in the international market, sold briskly. In addition, the eponymous sesame are also in short supply.

Nutritional Analysis
Sesame seeds contain a lot of fat nutrients and protein, as well as dietary fiber, vitamin B1.B2 niacin, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and the like; Sesame linoleic acid regulate cholesterol.
Sesame seeds rich in vitamin E, can prevent lipid peroxidation damage to the skin, counteract or neutralize the intracellular accumulation of free radicals harmful substances, can make the skin white and moist, and can prevent a variety of skin inflammation.
Sesame also has a nourishing effect, you can treat dry skin, rough skin smooth and delicate, rosy sheen.

In recent years, China sesame production dropped significantly, but with the improvement of people's living standards, health awareness, sesame and its products consumption increasing. Since the gap between supply and demand continues to expand, sesame imports increased year by year, with an average annual growth rate of over 10%.

Sesame Shelling and Separation Machine is a patented product of our company independent intellectual property rights, including a number of national patents, is the production of dry cleanup sesame professional equipment. The device can be cleaned to Sesame impurities impurity rate within ten thousandths.
The device has low energy consumption, compact structure, small footprint, less raw sesame loss, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is the best equipment in the world today sesame impurity sorting....


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