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Devry Comp122 Full Course Latest 2015 [ All Discussions All Homework and All Ilabs ]

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devry comp122 full course latest 2015 [ all discussions all homework and all ilabs ]
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week 1
From Word Problem to Program Design (graded)
This week we are looking at the process of analyzing a problem written in English, attempting to understand how we might build a program that solves the problem. Let's begin by looking at the analysis process and discussing what inputs are, what outputs are, and what processing is. What do we look for in a word problem to identify these components? What is an algorithm?
diss 2
Using Variables and Arithmetic Expression (graded)
Variables are used in a program for storing values. What sort of properties do all variables have in common? What type of arithmetic operations are supported in C++? What role does the data type of a variable have on the type of information the variable can contain and the type of operations that can be performed on the variable? What is operator precedence and how does it impact expression evaluation?
week 2
Selecting Between Alternatives (graded)
It is common to need to make choices between different alternatives when solving problems. Alternatives can take different forms. For instance,only do action X if condition 1 is true presents an alternative of either doing or not doing action X. A different form of alternative occurs in the case where we need to do action X if condition 2 is true, otherwise do action Y. Here we have a choice between 2 different actions, and we will always do X or Y depending on condition 2. This form can be extended to choosing between 3, 4, or any number of actions where one action is always selected. Lets discuss some real examples where making these types of choices are needed. Identify the alternative actions and the condition that controls the choice.
diss 2
Input and Output Operations (graded)
Many programs require the use of an input mechanism to get data into the program and an output...


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