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D.A.R.E is a program to help prevent drug use. D.A.R.E was started in 1983 in Los Angeles,California. D.A.R.E stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The D.A.R.E mascot is Daren,a lion. The lion is a symbol to have the courage to say no to drugs and violence.
In D.A.R.E I learned a few ways to avoid drugs and violence. One way is to change the subject. You can suggest another activity to do. Another way is to   have strength in numbers. When doing this hang around non-users especially where drug use is expected. I also learned how to do the new D.A.R.E. The new D.A.R.E stands for Define, Asses, Respond, and Evaluate.
In D.A.R.E I liked that Officer Jeffery was was funny and taught us in a fun way. I liked when we did a short skit about ways to avoid drug use and violence. I also liked how we did scenarios. In those scenarios we had to do the new D.A.R.E. We had two choices and had to pick one and think and talk about if it was a good choice.
I am going to be drug and violence free because when you do drugs it affects your whole body and all of your organs. I want to stay as healthy as possible. When you drink alcohol you have poor-judgment, memory loss, loss-of-coordination, and   loss of self control. Violence can lead to a lot of bad things like jail, less friends,and even death or injuries. You shouldn't do drugs or alcohol because it will have some bad consequence and risks.


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