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How Chinese Agricultural Machinery Development Prospects´╝č

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Agriculture as a primary industry for China, a developing country should be very important. On the current situation is concerned, the primary industry in China has been weakened, and the second industry does not become a mainstay of the country's economic strength. Now increasingly favor high-tech industries in the world. That is the tertiary industry. In the present situation, how China's Agricultural Machinery development prospects?
First, high-tech industry is not equivalent to the tertiary industry in the domestic and tertiary industry refers to the service sector. Whether the first or the second industry has a high-tech industry, especially in the secondary industry many are at the forefront of high-tech field, for agricultural machinery, he is to a certain stage of industrial development, nurturing agriculture product, so that both industry characteristics, but also has the characteristics of agriculture, agricultural industrial property itself is strong, but there are properties to promote agriculture. In fact, no matter which country in the world, initially in the primary industry accounted for the absolute proportion of agriculture on behalf of the country's economic prosperity and its weakness, it was the epoch of agricultural country. Then along with the seeds of capitalism, the rise of the industrial revolution, the advanced countries started from an agricultural to an industrial country changes, then post-industrial developed, then turned from extensive industrial high-tech industrial development, and for the whole community. The development level of mechanization is still low in the international community, but also in the role of an apprentice. Our country is now in the agricultural industry is still extensive, sophisticated and doubtless to go away, this is the trend of history, and it is industry, agriculture move forward together.
Prospects for agricultural machinery is what any one agricultural practitioner will tell you is bright. Just this...


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