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Why Underdeveloped African Agriculture?

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Africa's vast territory, large nation, there are currently 56 countries, as well as large and small local tyrants and armed groups from government control. Multiracial, language chaos, frequent wars, so that no one would take into account land use, in national productivity under natural state of war declined significantly. There are many African tribal civilization, still incompatible with modern civilization, failed to properly grasp of modern high-end knowledge. Bad weather conditions leading to health is not good, simply curse lingering infectious diseases, multiple torture cases also makes local people do not focus on the agricultural production.
Due to historical reasons, Africa is not a highly developed agricultural civilization (especially a Sub-Saharan Africa). In terms of the geographical environment in the tropical regions of Africa, the Sahara and the Kalahari Desert in Africa accounted for almost half of the area, but hot and humid year-round tropical rainforest, lush trees and plants, plus a very rainy so poor soils unsuitable for agricultural development. So, while significant place in Africa, but is not suitable for agricultural land and more, plus the consortium, government monopoly of land, agricultural production can not be balanced production.
In addition, as transport and communications behind, even if there is a bumper crop you can not necessarily get good economic benefits. At a disadvantage in the global economic competition, product price volatility, or even lower. And the cost of purchased fertilizer high in Africa, also led to the problem of declining agricultural productivity. African agricultural technology has stagnated at the level of our liberation, before the place only tomatoes, potatoes, onions to eat, Chinese people really can not stand to run the farm here, and later with cabbage, radish, watermelon, cucumber etc., can be described as dazzling.
The development of civilization in Africa generally lags behind other continents,...


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