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Mkt 575 Final Exam (Newest)

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1. In the _____ step of the new-product development process, a marketing manager evaluates how well the idea fits with the company's objectives.
• commercialization
• development
• screening
• idea generation

2. When Chase Bank mails a 30-day offer for a new pre-approved credit card with a $2,000 limit to a college student, this is an example of__________.
• mass selling
• indirect-response promotion
• direct-response promotion
• integration

3. A firm with a marketing orientation is MOST likely to__________.
• view advertising as an unnecessary expense
• recognize that effective advertising is the key to sales
• not use any advertising
• advertise how a product meets customers' needs

4. Which of the following observations concerning sales analysis is NOT correct?
• There is no one best way to break down sales data.
• It is a detailed breakdown of a company's sales records.
• Data can easily be obtained from basic billing and accounts receivable procedures.
• Product category is the best way to analyze sales data.
• It is easy to do, and usually it's inexpensive.

5. Managers should make operational decisions___________.
• on a month-to-month basis and never daily or weekly
• within the guidelines set down during strategy planning
• with great care as these decisions are the same as strategic decisions
• for the long-run to help formulate strategic plans

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6. When Fresh Produce Wholesaler Inc. buys fruit and vegetables from a variety of different farmers and takes large bushels and breaks them into smaller package sizes. Fresh Produce is addressing__________.
• discrepancies of assortment
• discrepancies of quantity
• discrepancies of need
• discrepancies of time

7. A(n) _______ is a marketing mix that customers see as better than a competitor's mix and cannot be quickly or easily copied.
• competitor analysis plan
• sustainable competitive advantage...


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