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Alexa Forbes
U.S History
June 21, 2016
America from 1776 to 1870
The United States changed greatly since the end of the American Revolution and the end of the Civil War.   The size of the United States changed between 1776 and 1870.   The thirteen colonies were originally the only states after the American Revolution, but soon the United States grew to twenty-one states.   Due to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the US grew past the Mississippi River.   Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, and Nebraska all became states due to this land.   California became a state, too, after the California Gold Rush.   Not only did the size of the United States change, but so did the technology.
Technology also changed between 1776 and 1870.   Flintlock muskets were used during the American Revolution while Percussion rifles were used during the Civil War.   Bullets became more accurate too.   The design of the bullet changed from the round, matchlock musket balls to the pointed minié balls.   While weaponry changed, the rest of the nation’s technology changed too.   The cotton gin made it easier to produce cotton which enhanced the South’s economy.   The North became urban and industrialized while the South mainly focused on agriculture and stayed rural.   While technology changed, so did human rights.
At the end of the American Revolution, slaves were considered 3/5th of a human.   They were only given this because the southern states wanted more representation in Congress.   By the end of the Civil War, African Americans were given citizenship due to the 14th Amendment.   After the American Revolution, African Americans were still slaves in the south, but most of the north gave up slavery.   The 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, was set in place after the Civil War.   The 15th Amendment also gave all men the right to vote.   By the end of 1870, the United States changed in size, technology, and human rights.


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