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  1) What you would do for your country if you were elected to the parliament.
If I were elected in the parliament of India, the first step I would take is to bring prosperity to the millions of hungry people.
My second aim would be to provide education to my countrymen because no country can progress unless its citizens are educated. To achieve this goal i would make education free. There should be no distinction and corruption in education.
Terrorism is another major problem faced by our country. I would increase the defence forces to stop the immigration of terrorists into our country through the borders.
I would make laws against corruption even more strict which would in curbing corruption in the country.
I would make psychological treatment for cruel prisoners in jail compulsory to help them become better citizens.

2. Imagine you are a national leader.Write a short speech that would inspire young people to join the nationalist movement.(before independence)
  2) Here is a short mantra that will lead us to our freedom. Imprint in your minds, heart and soul. We need to “do or die”.   India shall either be freed or we lose our lives for the good of many and nonetheless for “freedom”. Every citizen be it man, woman or child shall join us in this struggle with a strong determination to see our motherland free from the bondage of slavery. They can take our lives, but they can’t take our freedom. Vande Mataram!

  3) How would you have contributed to the national movement if you were  a young boy during that period?(before independence)

Gandhi was a great leader during the national movement. If I were a young boy during the national movement I would have showed India and the World the path of truth and non-violence. I would have emphasized on Swadeshi and encouraged the boycott of foreign goods and enhanced the growth of cottage industries by the use of khadi.
Perhaps I would have been working day and night for the freedom of our country India. Surely I would...


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